Omega 3, why is it so necessary?

Peshqit si salmoni, sardelja, kolori dhe peshku ton janë të pasur me “Omega 3”. Fish such as salmon, sardines, tuna fish and scomber are rich with “Omega 3”. This supplement reduces inflammation which damages blood vessels, minimizing the risk of heart diseases. Consuming the above fish 2-3 times a week (99g), “Omega 3” helps our body in as mentioned:

  • lowers blood pressure;
  • helps blood circulation;
  • significantly reducing the risk of heart attack;
  • regulates heartbeat;
  • improves concentration and behavior in children.

Cod consumption, which is rich in vitamins: B1, B5, B6, and vitamin E, helps the body as follows:

  • helps the nervous system;
  • helps the body to transform glucose into energy;
  • takes part in amino-acids and red blood cells creation;
  • acts as an antioxidant.